Celebrating DMU’s International Achievements: Nominated for PIEoneer Awards and Winning a Green Gown Award

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DMU Global and Francis Glover Shortlisted for PIEoneer Awards

De Montfort University (DMU) has been recognized globally with two nominations for the prestigious PIEoneer Awards, reflecting its commitment to international sustainability and recruitment. DMU has been nominated for the PIEoneer award for its immersive study-abroad program, DMU Global, and has won a Green Gown Award for its continuous effort on campus sustainability. In addition, Francis Glover, DMU’s Deputy Director of International, has been shortlisted for the Emerging Leader of the Year Award.

In response to the nominations, Fran Glover commented on the honor of being considered, particularly in such a competitive category. She further emphasized the school’s robust recruitment team, which has enabled it to offer a vast number of international study opportunities to its students.

Celebrating DMU's International Achievements: Nominated for PIEoneer Awards and Winning a Green Gown Award

De Montfort University Global has continuously developed innovative international employability experience programs that provide its students with an enhanced global outlook, making them more productive and valuable global citizens in the future. This program has been orchestrated by DMU’s Careers and Employment team and DMU Global to create six unique international opportunities, allowing for 75 students to gain a more diverse perspective of the global world.

This project’s inspiration comes from DMU’s strategy to empower students from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their origin and socio-economic status, to engage with the world around them through global education. This development provides students with the necessary experience and aids in their ability to integrate into a diverse, multinational workplace.

The awards ceremony for the PIEoneer Awards will take place in London on Friday, September 22.

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