De Montfort University Ranks Among UK Universities for Supporting Entrepreneurs

Disclaimer: This article was originally published on De Montfort University News page on 05-07-2023. The content has been modified and expanded upon to provide additional insights and information by Studygram™ Worldwide Education.

Entrepreneurship is thriving at De Montfort University (DMU), with the institution consistently proving to be a fertile ground for innovative and ambitious minds. According to recent data, a staggering total of 131 new businesses were launched by DMU students and graduates, an impressive number that showcases the institution’s unwavering commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship. Of these new ventures, an astounding 129 received invaluable support from DMU’s Enterprise & Entrepreneurship team, a branch of the Careers Team dedicated to fostering business growth and success.

DMU’s Careers Team prides itself on nurturing the creative and vibrant talent within its student community, consistently fostering an environment that encourages individuals to think outside the box. Recognized as some of the most creative and innovative in the country, De Montfort University students and graduates continually push boundaries and redefine the entrepreneurial landscape.

In the academic year 2021/22, the Enterprise & Entrepreneurship team at DMU embarked on a diverse range of programs and events, intentionally creating multiple access points to entrepreneurship to cater to the unique needs of students and graduates. Demonstrating adaptability in the face of challenges, the team successfully heightened engagement in their activities throughout the pandemic. It is essential to extend our utmost gratitude to every student and graduate who embraced the opportunities presented to them during these uncertain times.

One notable initiative led by the Enterprise & Entrepreneurship team was the establishment of a dynamic six-month program for students and graduates. This comprehensive program encompassed a series of thought-provoking sessions held in various creative workspaces and even bars, aiming to foster a conducive environment for possibility and idea generation. By immersing participants in unconventional settings, DMU aimed to break down traditional barriers and inspire innovative thinking.

Sarah Thomson, the Director of Development and Engagement, commends the collaborative efforts between the alumni and enterprise teams. This synergy between different entities reinforces DMU’s commitment to empowering students and graduates, bridging past success stories with the new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs.

De Montfort University

Acknowledging the importance of diversity and inclusivity, DMU unveiled the Leicester’s Future BAME Entrepreneurs program. This groundbreaking initiative saw the participation of 25 individuals in workshops designed to cultivate essential entrepreneurial skills. Moreover, participants had the valuable opportunity to engage in practical communications experiences, fostering an environment that further supports and empowers budding entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities.

To truly ignite inspiration and expand students’ horizons, DMU’s Enterprise team joined forces with the university’s international experience program, DMU Global. Together, they facilitated trips to Los Angeles and Lisbon, enabling students to immerse themselves in thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems while being inspired by notable alumni who have successfully established themselves as creatives and founders. These global experiences played a pivotal role in broadening perspectives and nurturing cross-cultural collaboration.

In conclusion, De Montfort University’s relentless dedication to supporting student entrepreneurship continues to cultivate a thriving ecosystem where creativity and innovation flourish. With an array of programs, events, and initiatives, DMU ensures every student and graduate has access to the resources and guidance needed to transform their visionary ideas into successful businesses. If you are ready to embark on an entrepreneurial journey or explore the vast possibilities at DMU, our Studygram counselors are here to guide and support you every step of the way. Connect with a Studygram counselor today and pave your path to entrepreneurial success. To learn more about the latest update for UK student visa 2023 click here.

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