Middlesex University

Middlesex is a dynamic institution focused on cultivating practical skills that lead to success. Renowned for its practice-based approach to learning and its celebration of diversity, the university blends academic excellence with hands-on preparation. Graduates emerge equipped with not only knowledge but also the abilities and confidence needed to excel in their chosen fields.

With a vision aimed at fostering fairer, healthier, and more sustainable societies, Middlesex prioritizes creating impactful knowledge. Its learning community lies at the core of its mission, empowering individuals to transform their lives. Offering an extensive range of courses, research avenues, and engagement opportunities, Middlesex University is dedicated to helping students achieve their aspirations while making meaningful contributions to society.


Middlesex University is committed to providing students with exceptional facilities that enhance their learning experience. A notable highlight is the outstanding training center located at the West Stand of StoneX Stadium, the renowned home of Saracens Rugby. With an impressive investment of £24 million, this high-tech center offers a unique environment for students to access a lot of resources and gain practical skills in a dynamic setting.

The university's dedication to subject-specific facilities is equally commendable. Across diverse disciplines, Middlesex University ensures students have access to specialized spaces that cater to their academic pursuits. For arts and creative industries, there are modern studios and workshops, fostering a space for innovative expression. The business school provides students with a simulated trading floor, offering a taste of real-world financial environments. In health and education, simulation suites enable practical training in authentic healthcare scenarios. Law students benefit from a fully functional courtroom, and science and technology students enjoy well-equipped laboratories that encourage hands-on experimentation. These facilities collectively exemplify Middlesex University's commitment to offering students an immersive and comprehensive educational journey.

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